The Number One reason to consider studying music at Avalon Music Academy is THE INSTRUCTORS.

Our instructors are:

- Patient, experienced teachers
- Inspiring, motivating mentors
- Professional performers
- Musicians who love to play music

After the instructor, everything else is secondary - (but we'll list some reasons anyway):

At Avalon Music Academy:

- There are no membership fees or hidden fees.
- Parents are welcome (but not obliged) to attend the lessons at any time. Though it is not necessary for the parents to be musically-inclined, they can take part in the lesson and adopt an active role in their child's musical education.
- Students are given many performing opportunities with recitals and concerts taking place several times each year.
- Interaction with students playing the same instrument, and with students playing different instruments in duets, trios and ensembles is a common occurrence at Avalon.

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