Currently, there are no pre-school classes running.

For children not yet old enough to climb up to the piano bench, manipulate guitar strings or hold a violin bow without hitting something, Avalon Music Academy offers its music program for pre-schoolers. The course is designed specifically to prepare children for eventually studying their own musical instruments.

Avalon Pre-School Music Kids is a music program for two age groups:

Toddlers: for children 18 to 36 months
Pre-schoolers: for three- and four-year old children

Since its inception at Avalon Music Academy, it has been met with critical acclaim from parents and other teachers alike. The children even liked it too!

Music is a natural expression for every child. More specifically, singing is the most natural form of active music-making and the best preparation for learning a musical instrument. Through songs, games and movement, children become more self confident.

When listening to, or participating in music, a child can be affected by its calming and its stimulating effect. The listening skill is the firm foundation upon which so many other skills can be built. In the Avalon Pre-school Music classes, the children have many opportunities to express themselves, to communicate and use their imagination, to be creative and to learn to participate in a group. Each week, a different theme is introduced, and the children will learn a new aspect of music and musicality.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Avalon Pre-School classes is the fact that the children actually learn to play musical instruments. In the beginning, the focus is mostly on percussion instruments, but in the latter months, the children will learn rudimentary songs on the recorder, ukulele and piano. These three instruments represent three of the four main instrument categories (piano is actually considered percussion; the fourth category is brass). At the end of the year, the children will be well prepared to choose a related instrument and begin private lessons.

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