Avalon Music Academy students and teachers perform all year round. Master classes and clinics are also held at various times; scroll down to read the details. Information about registering for these concerts and events is always posted on the Parent Place page. The Photo Gallery page has pictures of some of these events.

The Winter Concert
Held in December, this is often the first opportunity for students to play their instruments in front of an audience. As with the End-of-Year concert, all Avalon students are invited to perform, but no one is obliged. A reception follows the show.

The End-of-Year Concert

Held in June, this is the concert that students work towards all year. You will see students performing solo, in duos and trios, or accompanied by their teachers. A reception follows the show.

Cactus Festival (Dundas, Ontario)
The Cactus Festival is the big event each summer in downtown Dundas. Each year, there is time set aside on a stage for Avalon kids to perform. Several of our teachers also perform as well, usually on the main stage. The festival happens during the third weekend of August. Visit their website at www.dundascactusfest.ca.

The Avalon Teacher's Concert
It has been a tradition for Avalon teachers to put on a concert to raise money for the local foodbank. The show also gives an opportunity for the students to see that their instructors are indeed professional musicians. Loof for this concert in the Spring.

Adult Students Recital

As the End-of-Year and Winter concerts are just for the children, we often host an Avalon Adult Students Recital. This of course depends on the number of adult students who show sufficient enthusiasm for performing in front of their peers. Many adult students would rather be hogtied than play a musical instrument in front of someone else. To these people, we can offer an audience comprised exclusively of other adults in the exact same boat, i.e., beginner or intermediate players who are not ready to play stadiums or concert halls any time soon.

Guitar String-Changing Clinic

Rather than sacrifice an entire guitar lesson to learn how to change the strings, we offer the Guitar String-Changing Clinic every spring. One of the gutar teachers will show the entire group (or groups) of students how to do a basic guitar set-up with and discuss simple care and maintenance.